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API Docs in GPT Store

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  • How to use OpenAI API?
  • What does ‘top_p’ mean in the API?
  • How do I use the function call?
  • How to do fine-tuning
  • python
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    Use Case for API Docs

    Enhancing Developer Productivity with API Docs

    The API Docs tool helps developers understand and use APIs by providing comprehensive documentation and interactive examples.


    • Primary: Developers
    • Secondary: Technical Support


    1. Search for API: Developer searches for an API in the tool.
    2. View Documentation: Developer reads the documentation for the API.
    3. Run Examples: Developer runs examples to learn how to use the API.
    4. Ask Questions: Developer asks questions to technical support if needed.


    • Reduced time to learn new APIs.
    • Improved developer productivity.
    • Reduced support costs.


    • Internet access
    • Compatible programming language

    Success Metrics

    • Increased API usage
    • Reduced developer support tickets
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