Unveiling the Highlights of MAICON 2023: Explore the Realm of AI Marketing with Sam Altman at Source Hub AI Marketing Services

Welcome⁢ to episode 57 of The Marketing AI ‍Show! I’m Paul Roetzer, ​joined by Mike Kaput, and we just wrapped up MAICON 2023 in Cleveland – an incredible event with over 700 marketers⁢ and business leaders in attendance. We’re still feeling the buzz,⁤ and in this⁢ episode, we’ll recap the highlights of MAICON, discuss ⁢a fascinating story on Sam Altman, delve‌ into McKinsey’s report on generative AI and the future of work, and cover other AI news. This episode is sponsored by Jasper, a generative AI ⁣platform that revolutionizes marketing ⁢content creation. ⁢Let’s dive in!

00:02:51 – MAICON 2023 recap
00:18:45 – The Atlantic’s ⁢story on Sam Altman
00:34:36 – McKinsey’s report on generative AI and the future of work
00:44:39 – ​Altman’s ‍Worldcoin launch
00:47:58 – Publishers’ ‌demands from AI companies
00:52:01 – Netflix’s AI-focused new role
00:55:18 -⁤ Musk’s trademark issues with X
00:57:29 – Launch ⁢of Frontier Model Forum by big players
00:59:12 – Potential⁣ delay of Microsoft’s​ Copilot
01:01:39 – Introduction of Coral by Cohere
01:04:28 – iPhone’s new Rewind feature
01:06:50 – AWS’s expansion of Amazon Bedrock

MAICON 2023 was an incredible⁤ event that brought together over 700 marketers and business leaders to⁣ learn and grow together. We’ll recap ⁣the ​highlights of the event, discuss The Atlantic’s story on‍ Sam Altman, explore McKinsey’s report on ⁣generative AI and the⁢ future of work, and cover other AI news.

The Atlantic’s article dives deep into Sam Altman and the history and future of . It covers how ‍ has evolved ​from struggling to develop basic AI models to the creation​ of ‌GPT-4, which Altman⁢ describes as an "alien intelligence." It’s a must-read for anyone interested in the progress and potential of ⁢OpenAI.

McKinsey’s report ⁣on ⁤generative AI and the future of work forecasts the impact of AI on employment in the U.S. It predicts that by 2030,‍ up to ‍30% of hours currently worked in the‌ U.S. economy could be ‌automated, driven by generative AI.⁤ However, the report also highlights that generative AI has the potential to enhance the work​ of professionals in STEM, creative, and ‍business fields rather than eliminating jobs.

Sam Altman has launched Worldcoin, a cryptocurrency ⁢project aimed at distributing universal⁣ basic income (UBI) to people worldwide. Additionally, publishers are ⁣increasingly demanding billions of dollars, rather than millions, from AI companies that use their content. Netflix is hiring for a new AI-focused role, potentially with a starting salary of up to $900,000, and Elon Musk⁤ may face trademark⁣ issues with his use of "X" in ⁣various ventures.

Google, Microsoft, OpenAI, and Anthropic have jointly launched the Frontier Model Forum, an initiative aimed at addressing the​ risks and benefits of large-scale language models like GPT-3. Microsoft’s Copilot, an AI-powered coding ​tool,​ might face delays until 2024 due ⁣to concerns around the ⁤laws and regulations of‌ AI. Cohere has introduced Coral, a ⁢new tool that allows developers to integrate natural language processing‌ models into their applications.

On the tech front, iPhone⁤ has introduced a new Rewind feature that allows users to create personalized photo collections. ⁢Additionally, ⁣AWS has expanded its Amazon⁢ Bedrock service, which simplifies the deployment and management of​ on-premises workloads, facilitating the adoption ​of AI in organizations.

We hope you found value in this episode and ⁢join us for more AI news next week. The Marketing AI Show is available on your favorite podcast⁣ platforms and can also be watched as a video. Thank you to all‍ the speakers, sponsors, and attendees who made MAICON 2023 a resounding success.
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  14. Networking"> From the 16th to 19th of August 2023, Source Hub AI Marketing Services will be hosting the MAICON 2023 Conference – a four-day exploration of the current and future of Artificial Intelligence ‍(AI) marketing. Co-hosted by ‍Y Combinator’s President,⁢ Sam ⁤Altman, MAICON ​2023 will provide attendees with ‌up-to-date training and essential insights into the⁤ role of AI in the marketing realm, bringing together the brightest minds in AI ⁤marketing from around the world.

On day one, Sam ‍Altman ​will open the conference with ‍an illuminating keynote inspired by his personal experiences of exploring how AI is transforming the‌ marketing ⁢industry.⁤ Providing attendees with advanced knowledge and unique teachable moments from his own journey in the industry, it ​will be an eye-opening event which will set the tone for the remainder of the conference.

MAICON 2023 will provide attendees with insightful sessions, workshops, and panel⁤ discussions ‌led by industry-leading‍ AI marketers. They will be discussing the newest AI marketing ⁤tools and‌ strategies for⁤ business owners and marketers, in addition to exploring emerging themes, such as⁣ harnessing the ⁣power of‍ automation, machine learning, personalization, ⁣and data science. Additionally, subject matter experts on the ⁢day ⁣will be helping you to brush up ‍on your AI marketing skills, enabling you to apply the latest technologies in your strategic planning.

Throughout the entire four days,⁤ delegates will have the​ opportunity to interact with AI marketing professionals, exchange ideas and opinions, and ⁢have‌ meaningful conversations on the latest⁣ technologies, trends and ⁣tools in the industry. Attendees will also be ‌able to take part in Networking Receptions, after-hour SOCials ⁤and the MAICON 2023 Awards Banquet,​ celebrating ​the impact and accomplishments achieved through the⁣ thoughtful⁢ application of AI marketing.

MAICON ​2023 is an interesting and unique event in that it brings together senior AI‌ marketing professionals, data scientists and innovators, ‍in addition to topical experts, investors, and business ⁢owners​ from across the country ⁢and beyond.

This is an event that you‍ don’t want to miss. To learn more and ⁢to get your ticket for MAICON 2023, you can visit the Source Hub AI Marketing Services website today.

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