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Three Tips for Using AI Efficiently and Securely

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The Rise of AI: An Overview

We have heard about AI for quite some time, but only now the talks and predictions have materialized into something concrete. ’s ChatGPT – an AI-powered chatbot – was released in November 2022 and had 100 million users by January 2023, making it the fastest-growing app in history. ChatGPT suffered a data leak three months later due to its own error. The leak sparked a hot debate regarding the safety of the service and the potential harm it could cause. In reality, ChatGPT is unlike any other software. It requires access to an outstanding amount of data for its machine learning (ML) algorithms. Naturally, the question arises whether it is capable of protecting that data.

AI Security Issues: Protecting Your Data

It’s crucial to understand that AI-powered technologies are by no means secure by design. As groundbreaking as they are, the risks can outweigh the benefits in their early stages.

  1. Information security and privacy: AI-powered services require unprecedented access to huge data repositories. Without it, machine learning becomes obsolete as it lacks information for accurate predictions or data outputs like articles, software code, personalized recommendations, and such. However, this access to critical data poses significant privacy concerns. ChatGPT, for example, has already demonstrated a privacy breach. Trusting this chatbot with your confidential company data might not be the best idea.
  2. Cybersecurity: AI-powered technology is already used for nefarious purposes. Phishing scams are expected to increase in both quantity and quality with the advancement of AI text generators and translators. Cybercriminals can create grammatically correct texts that may trick less internet-savvy individuals into clicking on malicious links. It is important to be aware of the cybersecurity implications of using AI-powered tools and take necessary precautions.

Three Tips for Using AI Efficiently and Securely

  1. Don’t Cut Human Oversight

    Automation is a key principle of AI technologies, but relying solely on AI-generated content can be risky. It’s important to have human oversight and double-check the accuracy of AI-generated information, whether it’s content, software code, or chatbot responses. AI tools like ChatGPT can provide incorrect answers and publishing such content without verification can lead to misinformation and loss of trust.

  2. Be Mindful About Cybersecurity

    When using AI technologies to improve business operations, ensuring cybersecurity is crucial. You need to be cautious when granting access to confidential data and verify the security measures of the AI tool or service. Since AI tools are susceptible to hacking just like any other software, it is important to strengthen your cybersecurity protocols, including using strong passwords, encryption, and regularly updating software.

  3. Protect All Data

    AI-powered tools require a significant amount of data, which needs to be stored securely. You can either build your own secure server structure or use cloud storage solutions. When opting for the latter, it’s important to carefully choose a reliable and secure cloud service provider, encrypt data, and control access through VPNs if accessing cloud storage outside of workplace network security.


AI technologies offer remarkable automation and data analysis features, but it is essential to prioritize security and verify before fully utilizing them. While AI tools like ChatGPT have shown security issues, implementing sophisticated cybersecurity measures can significantly enhance their safety.
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