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Threads What You Should Know & What We Think So Far

The Top Things You Should Know About Threads

If you’re a CMO, VP of Marketing, Marketing Manager, Director, or Digital Marketing Professional at a Small, Medium, or Enterprise company, keeping up with the latest social media trends is crucial. Threads, the newest app on the block developed and launched by Meta, is growing rapidly and gaining popularity. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the key aspects of Threads and provide practical insights and recommendations tailored to your role and needs.

What Is Threads and Why Does It Matter?

Threads is a text-based social media app that aims to be a friendlier and easier alternative to Twitter. It is intrinsically linked to Instagram, meaning you need an Instagram account to join Threads, and deleting Instagram will also delete Threads. With over 100 million users and counting, Threads is the fastest growing social media app ever. While it currently doesn’t have ads or hashtags and is primarily built for mobile, it offers unique features for content creation and engagement.

Key Features and Usage of Threads

Threads allows you to create posts with a 500-character limit and attach photos or videos up to 5 minutes long. All posts are easily shareable back to Instagram, and you can perform actions like liking, reposting, replying, and quoting threads. While the platform doesn’t yet offer integration with social post/monitoring tools, Meta is working towards making Threads compatible with other social networks. However, filtering or sorting posts from people you follow is not yet available, resulting in a mixed newsfeed experience.

Opinions and Observations: One Week In

Threads is still a new and evolving platform, and claiming to be a "Threads expert" at this stage would be premature. However, our team at AI Source Hub has some preliminary thoughts and insights:

  • “Threads gives brands an interesting chance to make a fresh choice in their social mix: start new and build from the ground up, or bring an existing Instagram community along.” – Daniel Lemin, Senior Strategist
  • “Threads is a fast-moving and evolving new platform.” – Sunny Hunt, Strategist
  • “So far, Threads content has been fresh, funny, and off-the-cuff.” – Jennifer C. Harmon, Content Strategist & Creator

There is no clear best practice for brands on Threads, but it offers an opportunity to experiment with different formats and engage with users in a light-hearted and creative manner. Many brands have already found success by posting funny and engaging content that feels authentic and unscripted.

Conclusion: Embrace the Threads Experience

As Threads continues to evolve, it’s important for marketing professionals like you to stay informed and take advantage of the platform’s capabilities. Whether you choose to start fresh or bring your existing Instagram community to Threads, the key is to experiment, have fun, and be authentic. AI Source Hub is here to support you in navigating the world of AI-powered digital marketing, and we encourage you to engage with our content and reach out to us for further assistance. Together, we can drive strategic alignment, insights-driven decision-making, and personalized marketing campaigns.

Want to learn more about Threads? Contact AI Source Hub for a personalized consultation or check out our other blog posts for valuable insights. Join us in embracing the future of AI-powered marketing!

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